Thankful for People

God certainly had (and has) a big plan in mind when he made human beings to thrive from connections made with other human beings. We are a very peculiar people, I can say that with absolute certainty! Sometimes we can go to extreme lengths just to acquire and maintain connections with others. Sometimes the extremes cause us to feel emotional and physical pain, frustration, high levels of confidence and strength, even immense amounts of joy and happiness.

But regardless of what I find myself feeling, I can say with honesty that I am grateful and thankful for the people I have in my life! Never have I ever been able to truly understand (until the last two weeks) why we are meant to be around the people we love and the people who love us. It’s because they make us better, they keep us focused on what we need to focus on, they keep us encouraged, they keep us laughing, they keep us strong! I’m glad for the people I have in my life, of that much I am absolutely certain!

God bless!

Grace ❤

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