Tokyo, Japan!

This coming summer, I will be going on a service trip to Tokyo, Japan! I will be there serving university students and sharing the gospel with them! It is very important to me as a Christian to share my faith with all people, and that is exactly why I am going on this trip!

I'm going to Japan!!!
I’m going to Japan!!!


I leave on June 18th, 2014, and I HAVE to raise $3,400 before I can go! And I have to raise this money by MAY FIRST (May 1st)!!!

It is A LOT of money, but I know that God will provide all of the things I need. My prayer is that God will put the right people in my path that feel the Holy Spirit leading them to help me along my journey. If you feel that God is leading you to be one of those people, a very special supporter of mine, then please go to this link:

If you donate, please make sure that you reference MY NAME on ALL sponsorship payments.

If you cannot donate, please know that I would appreciate any prayer support that you can offer. Prayer is a powerful tool, and my team and I can use all of the weapons against the enemy that we can get.

Please consider praying for my team and I, and ask the Lord if giving to my trip is part of His will for you.

Thank you so much for your support!

In His light and love,

Grace :)

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