It is better to…

It is better to be a friend than to have friends. –David Hocking

I was listening to a sermon by David Hocking today. He is currently going through the book of James, carefully breaking down each chapter and making it easier to understand. Today’s verses were James 4:1-6, and it talked about quarrels and conflicts between believers. David talked about how we often pursue friendships and relationships with fellow believers for the wrong reasons. We often pursue these connections because it is what we want, but we often do not put too much thought into what the other person wants. This is sin on our part. It was at this point in the sermon that David dropped this bomb: it is better to be a friend than to have friends. I took this to mean that being a friend to a few people is better than having multiple friends for seemingly wrong reasons.

Friends, pursue friendships with fellow believers, but always be kind with godly wisdom putting the other person first. If the friendship or relationship you are pursuing is only what you want, you will be miserable while fighting for something that God does not want in your life.

Grace 🙂

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