ISP Training Week 2

First, I apologize for how long it has taken for me to update you all on my progressing ISP training. It has been a very busy week. But, I am ready to share not just last week’s training session, but this week’s session as well.

Here we go!

As all of the teams walked into the auditorium last Monday, we picked up our handouts and took our seats. Each of us received a green worksheet with small pictures of PowerPoint slides. The first picture was that of the video above. It simply said” G.O.S.P.E.L.

Within a few minutes we were told that our training that night would consist of learning about the Gospel.

The Gospel, the very words Jesus Christ spoke while He walked on this Earth, the very miracles He performed documented by imperfect man, and the very thing that saves all of us. Seemed simple enough…

When we grow in our relationships with Christ, and as we come to know His Word and trust Him with all we have, we can easily forget the impact the Gospel has had on our lives. I speak for myself. As I have grown as a Godly young woman, and have learned more about Jesus as my struggles have come and gone, I had forgotten the amazing truth of the Gospel. But ISP training last week reminded me of all Jesus was, and is, and is to come.

The green worksheet we all received listed five elements to the Gospel:

  1. GOD’S Holiness
  2. Man’s Sin
  3. Man’s Separation and Condemnation
  4. God’s Subsitution
  5. Man’s Response

Element one basically explained that the Gospel starts with God. He is Creator, He is holy. He is portrayed as perfect.

Element two: Sin. We are all born sinners. Our hearts, at its deepest levels, ARE evil. We cannot dispute this and try to take it off of our records. It cannot be erased by anything we can do for ourselves. When this element was explained is when the weight of my forgetfulness set in. I kept asking myself how I could stop thinking about the Gospel when I am a sinner and need Jesus in my life everyday? The Gospel is the perfect reminder that I am not perfect, but I do not have to be perfect. God is more than good enough for me. And what Jesus did for me when He came to this world and died on the cross is reality, a reality that Jesus made a way for me to live as an imperfect human who has been forgiven and justified. That is GOOD NEWS! Amen!

Element three was the reminder that our sins separate us from our Father. Separation is devastating. No one wants to be separated from the one thing they live for. But Romans 5:12 tells us that even though we all sin because of one man’s disobedience, we all have the free gift of eternal life through One Man’s obedience to the Father.

Element four explained that Jesus Christ was the only perfect solution to the S.I.N. problem in the world. He was then, and He is now. We do not just get a clean slate, we become righteous in Christ through His death and resurrection.

Finally, element five wrapped things up by reminding us all that the Gospel comes down to repentance and belief. When we repent, we choose to turn from our own ways and from ourselves. When we believe, we turn to God the Father. It is not about getting caught up on the timing of things, or how quick or slow someone says the change should take place. It is just about realizing you need Christ, and making the decision to surrender to Him in order to be transformed. That is most important to remember.

That night, I learned all over again that I am not good enough on my own. I need a Savior. And the God I love, who loves me, came to this world in order to sacrifice Himself for me so that I may have a Savior in the Father! It is mind-blowing to know! It was a total gift from God that He reminded me of all the things He sent His Son to do for us all!

I hope you all have enjoyed reading this post! Please continue to keep my team and I in your prayers!

God bless!

Grace 🙂

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