Intensive Training Weekend Recap

Life-changing. Those are the only words I can say to describe what transpired over the weekend.

Intensive Training Weekend, or ITW, is a weekend-long training simulation the MOB office puts together to prepare all of the teams for what they could potentially encounter while in the field.

They put us through the most intense situations where our every move was scrutinized. We were watched in order to see how we would react to certain things.

We experienced things we had never experienced before.

The mood was always heavy. We were always being reminded of how privileged we are in the United States.

We were tested on how well we knew how to relate to other cultures. We were tested on being able to follow cultural rules and customs.

There is so much to talk about. There is so much that I learned. As a result, I will be making one ITW post for each day (a post for Friday, a post for Saturday, a post for Sunday). I will recap every single second and document everything I learned and felt.

My hope is that as I post details about this life-changing weekend that the Holy Spirit would speak to you. Maybe you have questions that need answers. Maybe you have been seeking Him with everything you have, but it just feels like He is not near anymore. Maybe you have never been closer to Him than you are right now, but you still want to get closer. Regardless of what is going on in your life and in your heart right now, let God speak to you. Let His love and spirit wash over you. Forget about everything else, and just focus and meditate on Who God is. Remember God is a loving God, one who desires to have everything you have to give. No matter how incomplete you are, remember that He completes you.

Let these words speak to you as I post everything that has happened.

God bless, friends!

Grace 🙂

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