ISP Training Week 8

This week of training was all about prayer partners.

Everything is getting a little bit crazy for all of the ISP teams. The teams scheduled to go to Russia may not get to go because of the conflict going on in Ukraine, and one team going to Greece had to be disbanded, each member dispersed to new teams. It is a difficult process.

But during training, we learned new ways to engage people and allow them to be our prayer partners by giving them specific prayer requests. When we ask for support, we are not only asking for financial support, we are also asking for prayer support. We cannot expect people to know exactly what we need prayer for if we do not tell them.

We were also told that our field workers that we will be working with also need our prayers. Being a Christian in the world right now is not easy, especially when your life’s work is trying to bring people to Christ. It opens up your heart and your life to struggles left and right, but the reward of seeing people’s lives changed is always worth it.

We ended our training that night by mixing up with other teams and forming prayer circles. It was such a simple act, something I have done multiple times in my life, yet this time felt different. it felt more real and offered more insight into the challenges other teams are facing. It was cool to be in the room where prayers were being offered up for each other from every corner. It emphasized the power and importance of prayer.

One other thing we got to do this night was practice our 2-minute testimonies. It is sometimes a big challenge trying to condense all God has done for you into just 2 minutes. But it is always a good learning experience. It makes you really think about the things God has saved you from, it makes you think of the power of Jesus’s sacrifice and how it made everything accessible, how it gave us freedom.

The whole night just taught me this: Jesus is our friend, prayer is powerful, and it is a blessing to pray for others. It is a privilege. One we must take advantage of!

God will always hear!

God bless!

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