ISP Training Week 9

Hello all! Thank you for being patient with me as I sometimes fall behind on updating everyone about my training. Last week got a little bit crazy, but some awesome things happened so I will share them with you right now.

For our training in week nine, we had training for Night of Nations. Night of Nations is an event the MOB office puts on. It acts as a chance for all of the teams to share with their supporters where they are going, why they are going and what they will be doing while in-country. It also serves as a chance for family and friends of participants to meet teams and team leaders, and it is also a fundraising opportunity for the teams to raise money for their trips.

For Night of Nations, each team is paired with one or two other teams and they are all tasked with creating something–a video, a skit, a song, a performance, etc.–that will showcase the individual teams, the countries they are going to, what they will be doing there, and it must include the theme for ISP (which is Stand On, Up, and Fast).

My team, Japan Students, was paired with Southeast Asia Basketball. About a month ago we started formulating ideas to create a video that would accurately represent each of our teams in a truthful way. We wanted something that would give our family and friends a better idea of what we will be doing and how we are preparing to go to a foreign country to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is an awesome video, and it was a total blessing to work with everyone and spend an entire day together! I’ll post the video soon :).

But something else happened during Night of Nations that could have only been God.

A couple of weeks back in training, we learned more about spiritual warfare and how it can come in different forms. Warfare is essentially anything that Satan uses to cause us to questions or doubt why God has taken us to the field and doubt the call placed on our lives to minister to the lost.

As a result of knowing more about spiritual preparation, I believe more teams are taking it seriously and doing everything they can to be prayer warriors and battle against it. That being said, I must share this story from Night of Nations with you all.

This year in ISP, we have two teams that will be going to Southeast Asia to minister to Deaf people in that region. The majority of the participants on these teams are Deaf. These teams were paired together for Night of Nations.

Little known fact: the Deaf represent the world’s largest unreached people group. Many people in other parts of the world have no way of really communicating with the people around them, and in some cultures being Deaf is considered shameful. Most have certainly not heard the Gospel before. So we send teams to reach them.

For their video, the Deaf teams decided to remake Katy Perry’s popular song “Roar.” The cool thing was that they did not exchange the lyrics for new lyrics. Instead, they made a video of themselves signing new words and they out subtitles on the screen for everyone. They got to a part of the song when they were talking about “shaking the ground” for God while they are in-country, and at that moment an earthquake hit!

Now, I do not like earthquakes, and it scared me that I was in a very crowded room when this one hit. But even though I was scared, I was more amazed at God’s timing. Only He could have literally shaken the ground as the Deaf teams were talking about shaking the ground for Him. It was as if God never wanted anyone in attendance to forget for one moment that everything we are doing is to serve His Kingdom overseas.

It is an honor and a privilege to answer that call, and to prepare alongside an awesome team!

That is all I have for the ninth week of training! I hope you all enjoyed reading!

God bless 🙂


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