Time Flies

Wow! Yesterday, one more week fell off the countdown until our plane leaves. I just want to pause for a second to share how significant that is.

Last year, time sometimes felt like it was standing still. With each training session, my team and I broke down more barriers with each other and we all grew closer, and we learned more about the country to which we were traveling. With each Monday that passed, we did something different that moved us out of our comfort zones just a little bit more. Sometimes it was seeking one of the other girls out to have lunch and other times it was learning to be silent in training and listen to what the others had to say.

Also, fundraising was not nearly as difficult last year as it has been this year. I am not sure what is holding the process back, but I know it will all work out.

But the common theme was this: we had time. Time was always present. When we had concerns about raising our funds, we had time on our side. When it seemed like we had nothing but things holding us back, we had time to work through everything.

This year, it is scary how quick this trip is approaching. Here at school, we are approaching spring break which means we are more than halfway through the semester already. WHAT?! This is the last college semester of my life and it is literally flying before my eyes. Seconds and minutes tick by and there is no concern on the part of the watch on my wrist that every time the fast-moving hand goes around signifies that I have less and less time right now. I am pushing so fast toward my goal of graduation and going that I sometimes have way too much going on in my head.

But the consuming thoughts I have are quickly put to rest when I walk into training and see my team. The relationships that are forming and the information we have to learn every week is the most peaceful reality check in my life. It is as if Dad is saying, “Hey, pay attention to what I have to tell you, and everything will be just fine.” I cannot even explain what a blessed relief it is to be around the people I get to go with knowing we are all in similar situations.

Now, onto the update! Like I said earlier, we only have 9 WEEKS until our plane leaves. Such little time and so much to get done before then. But even in the midst of crazy schedules, learning to story, learning about other cultures and learning more about my teammates, I have complete faith that we are all on this path for a big reason. For the right reason. We will NOT be led where we have no purpose. Dad would never do that to us.

Please continue to keep me and my team in your thoughts and prayers. There are so many challenges we are going to be faced with between now and then, and we want to be on our toes with everything. Also, please prayerfully consider—deeply consider it, think about it at least once every day when it comes up—donating to my funds and helping me get to my next financial goal. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

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