Warfare Is Real

Hello friends, family and supporters! Just wanted to take a few minutes to update all of you on what has been going on with my training and my upcoming trip!

I never thought a school would be used in such a big way. If I had chosen to go to some other school, I know for a fact God would not have placed all of the people and all of the opportunities in my path the way he has so far. Because of my school, I have the chance to learn, grow and meet other people in both similar and vastly different places in their walks compared to me. I know for a fact that I would not be where I am right now—on the cusp of graduation and getting clearer promptings than ever before—if I were not going to school where I do.

I have written before about what my team and I experience on a week-by-week basis, and you know I have been going on and on about time and how I feel as though I have none left this semester. Let me further explain this…

Last week, we learned more about spiritual warfare. What it is, where it comes from, why it comes and what we can do to fight it. There was a designated speaker for the topic and he pointed out a few great things that are so astonishingly simple concepts. But so often with spiritual warfare, as with everything else that has a simple root, we blow everything up and make ourselves believe there is something more to it. There is not. Spiritual warfare is the simplest thing.

Who has power and dominion on this earth, to do what he wishes and pleases to those who do not trust in Dad? The enemy. He has a vast kingdom of darkness on this earth and he just lies in wait for those who are brave enough to go up against it to try to rescue the ones who are trapped inside. But he is a clever, strategic and cunning enemy. He sees our approach, he sees our strategies and knows how to plow us into the ground and send us running back to where we came from. And that is EXACTLY what he wants, that is his victory. Seeing us retreat like scared children instead of engaging him in battle ever again. His aim is to get us to give up, leave and never come back…ever.

This is spiritual warfare.

It is the act of going against the enemy and his kingdom of darkness so God’s kingdom of light can reign. Anytime we go up against the darkness, the darkness can and WILL push back. But it is nothing to fear. We have armor, we have deliverance and the battle has already been won. That’s great news!

But I would be hard pressed if I did not speak for just a few minutes about what this message said to me.

This path is rough, it is not easy by any measure of the word. Sometimes it feels like I am alone, or it feels like my team is alone. Sometimes I feel like I have done nothing but ask for direction lately, but I get frustrated when I have to look for more or go after a more realistic destination. It is exhausting to always step out on faith and relinquish complete control. But it is the only way to live in complete peace. It does not make sense to the outside world, to surrender control and somehow get peace in return. But think of it this way. How often in our busy lives do we want to throw our hands up and give all of our responsibilities and tasks to someone else? How often do we, do I, think that if we can have just one day where we do not have to do anything then life will be grand? I think these things all the time. It is the same with faith, except the only difference is that I can justify surrendering and no one will look at me like I am crazy or delusional for stepping away. Rather I will have peace because I am no longer in control. It is like taking a Sunday drive with God at the wheel. He has my back, he has our back. He will not let us down.

Even though spiritual warfare is real, and we so often want to blame it on people, we have to remember that simple people are never to blame for the darkness in this world. The enemy is to blame, and he is the one we aim to defeat. And not with our strength, but our father’s strength.

I have no doubt we will encounter a few struggles, a few trials when our time comes in just a few short weeks. But what is important to remember is that it will happen and the battle has already been fought and won. We will never be led into a battle that was lost.

Each of my teammates is struggling with something right now. Some of the struggles are physical, something going on with their health. Other struggles are centered on family or relationships, and they are struggling to navigate through some difficult times. With everything going on with my team, I am asking you to pray for us. Pray our health stands up, pray our finances will be taken care of, pray our team grows closer to one another and pray we are prepared for whatever might come our way. We know that regardless of what is ahead, we are not shaken rather we stand with resolve to do the very things that will challenge us the most.

An update on finances: I am struggling. This year is much different from last year, and it has been a struggle to get to this point. I have complete peace and faith that everything will work out, but I am asking all of you to pray and consider becoming a financial partner of mine. Please pray about it. You honestly never to know to what extent you will be blessed for your faithfulness and obedience.

Thank you all for reading! I will have more updates as training continues!

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