America. Unrecognizable.

America. It is one place where I feel comfortable at all times because it is the place I know. I know the culture, the history, the uniqueness. I know the names of all 50 states and each of the capital cities. I know its system of government. I know the first ten amendments to the Constitution. I know the laws. I know the rights I possess as a citizen.

It is my home.

My parents grew up in a different America. I can honestly say that from the time I realized being an American came with a certain amount of pride, my view of this country never changed. It certainly is not and never has been a perfect place to be, but from the time I was young my country’s image always stayed the same.

It was normal for me to watch TV and see things which often degraded families or caused children to believe it is okay and acceptable to disrespect their parents. It was normal to turn on the radio and hear musicians and artists rapping or singing about horrible things (guns, sex, violence, hate crimes, etc.). It was normal to see the film industry regularly cross lines that 20 years before would never have been crossed.

The image always stayed the same. Now, the image was not peaches and cream or all sunshine and rainbows. It was a skewed image. Think of your favorite public figure—that perfect actor or singer or character in a book—who has a spotless reputation and is an all-around good person. Now imagine things begin to change, slowly but surely, and before you realize what is going on, your favorite figure is not the same person. But because it happened so slowly, you adapted to the change as it was happening. This new image is suddenly acceptable because it happened right before your eyes without you fully realizing it.

The same happened in my mind. Though my country is far older than I am, it has aged quickly in the last 50 years. It has aged even more in the 21 years I have been alive. As its image changed, I adapted to it. I easily ignored the signs telling me more drastic and dangerous changes were coming. In my head and heart, I honestly believed my country would not stoop as low as it has in the last two weeks. I believed this because I stupidly put faith in the people who run this country. Why? The answer is simple: it always seemed like America had its head on straight and no matter how severely it strayed from its founding principles, Biblical truth always won.

I can honestly say that I see my country with very clear eyes as I take in the direction it has gone and the people who have steered it down its path of destruction.

I speak and write with a broken heart. The country I love so dearly is not what it has always been. My adaptation to its new image was jolted to a stop on June 26. Suddenly I was no longer okay with the direction my country is going. Looking around at my surroundings the next day an eerie sense of calm before the storm settled inside of me. Things changed so drastically the day before, yet it felt as if only a select few people truly understood what had happened. I no longer saw my country as a strong nation founded on God’s truth. I saw a broken, fragile, fractured nation comprised of more differing opinions than I could count. I saw dissension and unnecessary fights. I saw middle school mentalities put on display as one side of the issue rubbed their “victory” in the face of the other. I saw sin reign as if Jesus had not already come to this world, died on the cross for our sins and rose again so we could spend eternity with Him.

I saw evil. And I saw my country was okay with it.

Just in the last two weeks, this country has spiraled so far out of control, it is no longer recognizable. And the reality is that it might never be recognizable again. I have little hope for this country.

Before I go any farther with this editorial, I want to make something clear. This is not a political statement. I am simply a Bible-believing, Jesus-loving-and-worshipping Christian. I am writing and sharing my opinions along with Biblical truth because people need to hear what is going on from the standpoint of the TRUTH, not whatever truth any side of any issue or agenda wants to tell, but the ACTUAL TRUTH, BIBLICAL TRUTH. The truth by which every single person will be judged.

That being said, please do not believe I am writing with malice or cruel intentions in my heart. Again, this is not a political statement. I place no blame on non-Christians or Christians. Sin is the problem I will be addressing by sharing how prevalent it truly is.

I do not know if America will ever be the same. Deep down, I highly doubt it will. There have been many falls this country has suffered, and its knees are scraped so raw I find it hard to believe it is still standing. My only prayer is for the eyes of the people here to be opened. This is the waking hour, the moment for people to see how far they have fallen because we all have.

With this post, and others like it, I hope to speak truth into the lives of whoever reads it. It is not my intention to anger or even change anyone. I simply hope and pray for people to listen so when they make their choices they can say they had facts from both sides. Please continue to read more posts as they become live.

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